Welcome: Vegan Here App Website

The Vegan Here App is designed to help individuals find vegan events everywhere (even internationally). You will be able to search for events by location and type, RSVP for an event and receive notifications about events that interest you.


Hello We’d like to thank everyone for all their feedback during our BETA 1 testing. We were blown away by the positive feedback on the features, layout and functionality of the app. This has inspired us to offer more opportunities to provide feedback along the way to help us stay on the right track. So, we are launching our feedback forum

We are asking everyone to vote for the features they’d like us to launch first. With so many features on our wish list it has been hard to determine which feature will have the greatest impact on the user experience. Instead of guessing, we thought we would just ask. So, everyone have been given 10 votes to cast for features they would like to see implemented first.

We know there’s value in offering all the features listed, so, this is an exercise in prioritizing. With communities help we can determine which features will be included in BETA 2, BETA 3 or BETA 4.

If you’re favorite features not at the top of the list, tell your friends to join in.On May 30th, we will review the current list of features to determine which will be included in BETA 2. So, hurry up and vote.



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